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Chickpea: A Legume Like No Other

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Swedish Innovation
Angry Camel, is a green tech startup hailing from the vibrant and dynamic region of Skåne (Scania), nestled in the sunny south of Sweden. Inspired by Sweden's reputation as the most innovative and creative country in the world, we have set out to change the face of the plant-based food industry with our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.
Sustainable Solution
As a Swedish-based company, our passion lies in promoting a high-quality life for all and pioneering the way towards a sustainable future. Our processes are designed to maximize the efficiency of plant protein extraction while minimizing our use of energy, water, and harmful chemical solvents. Additionally, we are committed to reducing food waste at every stage of production. At our core, we are dedicated to solving the key challenges facing the protein transition by improving the sensory and nutritional value of meat and dairy alternatives with clean label ingredients.
A legume like no other
Chickpea, a legume like no other, boasts unique qualities that set it apart from its peers. As a source of high-quality protein, chickpea protein is a versatile ingredient for dairy and meat analogs, resolving challenges in texture and nutrition. Its multi-functionality allows it to foam, texturize, and emulsify in a range of applications, making it an ideal egg replacement in vegan formulations. The exceptional properties of chickpea protein are a testament to the plant kingdom's ability to innovate and adapt, paving the way for a sustainable future in the food industry.

Unique Properties Enhancing Plant-based Sensory and Nutrition

Angry Camel

At Angry Camel, we're not just another protein peddler - we're on a mission to revolutionize the plant-based protein industry. By unlocking the untapped potential of chickpea protein, we're creating a new standard for nutritional and sensory excellence. We believe that combining chickpea protein with other plant-based proteins can result in healthier and more delicious options for all. Unlike traditional extraction technology, our cutting-edge, chemical-free extraction technology sets us apart from the rest, delivering unmatched purity and functionality.

Solving the Challenges in the Protein Transition for Net Zero


The sustainability of some plant-based options is questionable when compared to traditional animal-based products.


At Angry Camel, we have developed an energy-efficient extraction method that utilizes byproducts and avoids the use of hazardous chemicals. Our process is both safe and sustainable, and we can even use the byproducts of protein crops, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. Our innovative approach is helping to tackle the sustainability challenge and pave the way for a healthier future.
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The quality of plant-based proteins is a significant challenge facing the protein transition. Nutritional value, bioavailability, taste, and texture can vary significantly between different plant-based protein sources. Traditional extraction methods often damage the protein structure, reducing functionality and yield.


At Angry Camel, we prioritize the preservation of protein quality and functionality throughout the extraction process to overcome the challenge of low-quality plant-based proteins. Our gentle and energy-efficient extraction methods result in a high-quality protein that enhances the taste and texture of plant-based products while offering superior nutritional value and bioavailability. We've invested in R&D to optimize the sensory experience of our chickpea protein, which exceeds customer expectations with a taste and texture comparable to traditional animal-based products. Our commitment to innovation and excellence makes Angry Camel a leader in the plant-based protein industry, solving the quality challenge one product at a time.
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The protein transition has long been hindered by the affordability and accessibility of plant-based proteins.


Angry Camel's innovative extraction techniques produce high-quality chickpea protein at a lower cost than traditional methods. By utilizing various chickpea raw materials, including byproducts, we achieve sustainability and price efficiency, with a lower environmental footprint. Our streamlined supply chain allows us to deliver high-value protein at a competitive price, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers. We're proud to make wholesome and delicious plant-based products available to all through our commitment to innovation and affordability.
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