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The food that the industry is providing is filled with additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, that makes the list of ingredients go on and on. Who has time to check all that? Our response to the crazy food industry, focused on overstuffing its products with suspicious over-processed ingredients is simplicity, without giving up on flavors. The array of products that we provide are suitable to everyone’s liking and need. Our products are based on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals that are made according to centuries-old recipes that will leave you curious to discover more. Since Middle Eastern snacks contain the optimal amount of protein, healthy fat and grains, Angry Camel’s products can be consumed daily. Our products are hummus, milk, yogurt, and tofu which are allergy-free, good in taste, flavourful, and powered with chickpea protein. Our hummus is served as a spread in pouches and mini portion toppings, which makes it portable, quick and easy to be eaten and shared with friends, colleagues and family. We don’t have rules! The products are versatile and can be enjoyed in multiple ways and occasions, such as according to the Swedish tradition of ‘macka’ – a slice of bread with hummus – as a dip for vegetables, on the go between meals or they can be even added to home-made dishes to spice them up (don’t tell your grandma!)


We at Angry Camel care about the environment. What we do about the environment:

  • Less Food Waste. Our UHT products allow for a long shelf-life, thus, less food waste is produced.
  • Even more less food waste. Our squeezable packaging is designed to enable a fully evacuation of the food, therefore, no food is left in the package.
  • Less Packaging Material. We designed our packaging to be thin, light but still convenient.
  • Less Carbon Food Print.  We were able to completely get rid of the cooling chain (logistics and warehousing). Our product is aligned by the European Strategy for Net Zero emission by 2050.
  • Even Less Carbon Food Print. Our products is based on chickpeas which belong to legumes. Legumes are soil fixing crops that enrich the soil with nitrogen and produce the organic material that feed the microorganisms in the soil.
  • Good for biodiversity. Bees and other beneficial insects are benefited from the long flowering season of the chickpeas.
  • Less water is needed.  Chickpeas require less water compared to many other sources of protein, and it can grow in various conditions in the EU.
  • Contributing to the Protein shift Initiative. Angry Camel is part of European project to to increase the amount of the plant-based protein over the amount of animal protein in the next 10 years.
  • Zero Hunger Initiative. Angry Camel selects the best chickpeas to provide a sustainable protein source to the growing population and reduce the impact of the climate change in the food security. By 2050, the world population is estimated to require 30-50% more protein.


It is not a surprise that Kotaiba and Bakr bonded over hummus when they first met.At Angry Camel, we are fascinated by the eating traditions and rituals based on meal sharing that creates bonds and makes friends. Food sharing is about sharing stories of who made the food and who is eating it. Food goes beyond simply satisfying hunger. It is part of a bonding process that unites people, gathers families and friends and it is definitely a good way to make new friends. Therefore, we encourage our customers to share their tube and bond over healthy snacks.

Hummus in particular is a food born to be shared with friends, family and even foreigners. At Angry Camel we recognize the power of food in connecting people and open up dialogues about sustainability and health awareness. In fact, Angry Camel is not only a startup that creates delicious snacks based on chickpeas, but it is also a community of people who care about what they put in their bodies.

We are sure there are so many angry camels out there that are tired of over-analysing the back of food packages, spending ages to find healthy recipes online, and disassembling an entire kitchen to cook some plant-based dishes. The food industry is fooling us all with their “diet” food, “junk” food, “detox” food. All we want is natural food. Food that doesn’t make our energy go on a roller coaster, food that provides us with a balanced amount of protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber.



CEO 🇸🇪

Kotaiba Aal



COO 🇩🇪

Bakr Jahhan